Nautical Candle Wall Sconces

Decorate Nautical Chandelier Atmosphere

Published On September 8, 2018 | By admin | Chandelier Design

If you are hosting a nautical theme party or special event, improve coordination of table decoration items. Consider nautical-inspired pieces, such as boats, old maps, and lighthouses, when decorating the table with a maritime flair. Versatile decoration nautical chandelier works well for a variety of occasions, from elegant dinners to casual barbecues birthday. Cover the table with a tablecloth of nautical inspiration. Choose a crisp white and navy striped or red tablecloth. Or accent a plain white cotton tablecloth with fishing net over him.  Garnish with covered nautical theme. Choose dishes featuring lobster, crab, anchors, lighthouses and ship designs of wheels for a smart casual look. Set of neatly folded white handle covered in navy or red cloth napkins. Nautical chandelier Place in salt and pepper on the table.

Nautical Candle Wall Sconces

Nautical Candle Wall Sconces

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Create one of a kind placemats by laminating old maps oceans. Buy maps in an antique shop and cover them with clear contact paper. Organize a replica boat in the middle of the table as a simple and striking centerpiece. Place a small life preserver round in the middle of the nautical chandelier and organize white, navy and red pillar candles inside and choice. Wrap sisal rope around a tall vase, round and use it to hold the red and white flowers.

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