How to Make Twig Chandelier

Sep 2nd

A twig chandelier can add a touch of charm lighting to deck or patio.  The chandelier twig requires no special skills or equipment woodworking. The whole family can participate in making this twig chandelier, as even a small child can help gather twigs.

Bodner Branch Chandelier
Bodner Branch Chandelier

Education to make twig chandelier: cut the branches of a uniform size of 6 inches. Separate branches in bundles consisting of five branches. Lay the corona wire frame on a flat surface like a table. Place beam in the upper left corner of the frame. Wrap the lower ends of the beam to the frame, using the floral wire on the paddle.

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Image of: Bodner Branch Chandelier
Image of: Fiber Optic Branch Chandelier
Image of: Iron Twig Chandelier
Image of: Iron ‘Twig Chandelier

Wrap section of miniature lights around the frame. Place second beam at the base of the first beam twig and wrap the ends with the wire. Wrap light around the frame. Continue wrapping bundles twig and lights around the frame until the entire structure of the wire is covered with branches and lights.

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Tie three equidistant lengths from 12 inches of string to the frame brown crown. Collect the first end of the wire into a knot. Connect an extension cable for strings of Christmas lights and connect it to a piece of string with floral wire. Hang the twig chandelier completed. Connect lights.