Innovative Ideas Collapsible Containers

Aug 23rd

A pioneer Valencia design of collapsible containers will reduce the cost of shipping. In November a Dutch company introduced the first collapsible container for shipping with a university. They aroused much interest and have already closed an investment round with a manufacturer of containers. “We try to make our way in this direction, although it is good to have some competition because it means no market.”

Wire Collapsible Containers

The original idea comes from observing the Port of Valencia with the approaches that have been made, particularly with the Department of Innovation of the Valenciaport Foundation, to know the opinion of those involved in the problem. “One of the legs is to know what routes would be more profitable use of the collapsible containers,” says Naval√≥n. They have the prototype built intention is to collaborate with them to collaborate more industry players and see how the container and saving acts.

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But why an idea of collapsible containers is in Climate-KIC, dedicated to climate change? “Actually shipping has a strong component of CO2 emissions,” he says. The problem of container management is that 25% of containers are empty travel while spending almost 50% of its life land waiting for someone to fill. This causes losses 20,000 million and 200,000 million per year of CO2 emissions.