How To Make An Antler Chandelier

Instructions for Making an Antler Chandelier

Published On September 3, 2018 | By admin | Chandelier Design

These days, antler chandeliers are not just for hunting lodges. In fact, they are searched online more than any other spider, save crystal. A well-organized collection of antlers can add interest to any room. Making an antler chandelier custom is simple and inexpensive, and you have the added advantage of being able to make it as big or as small as you want.

How To Make An Antler Chandelier

How To Make An Antler Chandelier

Instructions for making an antler chandelier: wash the inside and outside of all shafts thoroughly. Horns cover with several layers of stains. Allow adequate drying time between coats. Drill holes through the tips of the horns that hold the bulbs.

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Place the antlers in a ring, connected at their bases. Drill holes through the sides of the horns and lace wire through them. Tighten the cable to ensure you have arranged ring. Run the electrical wiring in your kit chandelier through the holes in the horns and advice drilled.

Use brown clay modeling to ensure the platform for each light at the end of the cable strands by the horns. Use the chain and anchor in your kit to ensure chandelier spider and wiring in the ceiling. Finally, for making an antler chandelier, insertion pockets platforms anchoring in the tips of the horns wired.

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Deer antler chandeliers are a way of using their antlers hunting trophies. The spider goes well in any home with a rustic or a cabin in the woods. Instead of paying for a deer antler chandelier in the shop, you can make one yourself and save some money. Allow to dry antlers, then they sprayed with clear polyurethane finish. Apply several layers, first waiting for the previous coat to dry completely.

Antler chandeliers use a drill to make holes in the tips of each antler want to put a light through. Drill more holes through the sides of the bases of the horns. Chain lamp cables through the holes and fix the horns in a circle. When the poles are in the desired settings, tighten the wire and twist the ends together.

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Antler chandeliers push the electric cables through the base of the horns and exit through holes in the ends. Place the bulbs in light sockets. If the lights are not on the same level, use the clay model to make the light level. Place a chain and anchor to the top of the chandelier. The lamp is now ready to be installed in your room of choice.

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